The Color of Dying

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The TV Series

One of 2016's
Ten Best Novels!


Introducing Nicky Negrón, a Bronx-born, Puerto Rican salesman who has suffered enough tragedy for multiple lifetimes. After a business dinner in New York City, Nicky's life is cut short at the hands of a ravishing undead woman at the Ritz-Carlton, resulting in a public sex scandal that leaves a legacy of humiliation for his surviving wife and children. When he rises from the dead, he becomes a night predator that feeds on human blood as well. The difference is, Nicky has a genetic resistance that retains his humanity - a trait that makes him reluctant to victimize innocents. Hampered by conscience, he instead decides to feed on what he deems are the undesirables of society—prisoners, sexual predators, domestic abusers and others that lower the quality of life around him. 

Sangre: The Color of Dying features rough language, jaw-dropping sex, and abhorrent acts of violence, but its real emphasis is on the human being living inside the undead night stalker. Nicky values his family, his ethnicity, and is determined to hold on to his humanity, even if it’s just by rooting for the Mets, watching old Seinfeld episodes or reminiscing about the love he once shared with his wife. Readers are already falling in love with Nicky and this thrilling tale that takes supernatural horror in a completely new direction!